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South Austin Sober Living

Completing the residential/inpatient or the outpatient rehab program isn’t enough to offer a stable, healthy, and sober lifestyle. Our South Austin sober living facility, at 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs, offers the ideal environment for personal growth, as it promotes long-term sobriety and responsibility. The benefits of joining our sober living program are immense compared to completing the outpatient rehab alone:

Building positive lifestyle habits

The outpatient rehab only looks to reinforce your commitment to sobriety via counseling, regular drug, alcohol testing, and peer support. What it doesn’t do is provide you with the foundation for a stable and healthy lifestyle. Our sober houses in Austin, TX, promote a healthy lifestyle routine, which includes:

  • Optimized eating habits (regular meals, more nutritious foods, what to eat and what to avoid)
  • Daily physical activity (walking, hiking, group activities)
  • Regular workout sessions (gym, CrossFit, fitness classes)

These habits form the basis of a healthy and active lifestyle, contributing to the natural release of dopamine and endorphins. Long-term, they will help you stay on track, prevent relapse, and help you live healthier and more active for longer.

Aiding with social reintegration

We know that most former addicts struggle to find their place in the world after completing the rehab treatment. Our sober houses and transitional living programs fill that gap by providing peer support, counseling, and daily social group interactions. During our Austin, TX, transitional housing, you will learn how to:

  • Grow your confidence and self-esteem
  • Become more comfortable in the company of others
  • Share your stories, thoughts, hopes, and plans with others dealing with similar struggles
  • Support other people who might need your help
  • Become more community involved and more open and positive all around

These changes will heavily influence your normal functioning within society, leading to more relationships, better career opportunities, and an improved self-image. In this sense, our sober housing in Austin will change your life significantly over time.

Increasing your financial and social status and promoting happiness

It all starts with our ATX Mentor Network, a program bringing together 100 experts from just as many disciplines. They specialize in art, communication, teaching, business, finances, health and fitness, and other fields that may spark your interest and help you use your talents to your benefit. Whether you want a specific career, seek to invest, or become an entrepreneur in a given industry, our ATX mentors are ready to guide you along the way.

With their help, you will learn responsibility, self-sufficiency, hard work, and ambition, which are core values for every successful entrepreneur. By comparison, the outpatient program only offers minimal support to patients coming from residential programs who seek some form of follow-up. It’s not enough, and it lacks the benefits you will get at our transitional housing in Austin, TX.

If you’re looking for South Austin sober living, contact 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs at 512-270-3142, and let’s discuss your queries today! We're available for discussions whenever you need us.

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