Senior Rehab Altoona

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Senior Rehab Altoona

Do you have a parent looking to fully recover from a serious injury? Do you need a good place for them to rest and improve their bodily functions? If yes, our senior rehab center in Altoona is the best option for you. From 24-hour aftercare to robust treatment plans, we have the very best services that will have you back on your foot in no time. 

Still in doubt? Here’s a quick look at everything we have to offer those who choose to trust our services. Who knows? You might change your mind! 

Senior Rehab in Altoona: Everything We Have To Offer

Since there are many senior rehabilitation centers in Altoona, it might be hard to settle on the best of the best. However, at our center, we have an unbeaten record for offering top-of-the-line services. Here’s a quick look at our full package: 

  • Physical Therapy 

With our finest staff, we’ll help you down the path of wellness with our physical therapy. At our center, we’ll manage you and set up a treatment plan to improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility. We’ll also assist in increasing your strength and help you reduce whatever bodily pain you might be feeling. 

  • Occupational Therapy 

Our occupational therapists will help treat all our injured or disabled patients with activities of daily living. With our assisted living facilities in Altoona, we’ll assist you in developing, improving, and maintaining the skills you need for daily living and working. We’ll make use of whichever strategy might suit you, including adaptive equipment or fine motor skills. 

  • Speech Therapy 

If you or your loved one is battling with communication issues, speech disorders, or cognitive problems, our speech therapy is the best for you. We have the best speech therapist or speech language-pathologists you can find today. In no time, we’ll restore you to normal with our effective techniques. 

  • In-Patient and Out-Patient Rehabilitation Services

Our senior rehab center in Altoona offers inpatient and outpatient services. The former is for seniors who need round-the-clock care and supervision, while the latter is best for those who can afford to live at home and get treatment. 

The inpatient treatment requires patients recovering from serious injuries or surgeries to stay and rest at the rehab center for some time. Usually, they undergo intensive care that comprises heavily monitored therapy sessions. Additionally, we offer social activities, counseling, exercise sessions, and skilled medical care. 

Our outpatient treatment plan also offers all kinds of therapy, but patients are required to check into our rehab centers daily to complete their treatment. 

  • Short-term vs. Long-term Rehabilitation 

As implied, our senior rehab center in Altoona offers short-term and long-term rehabilitation plans depending on the health of you or your loved one. If you’re trying to recover from a minor injury, you’ll need to stay at our rehab center for a short period. 

However, serious recoveries will require that you make use of our Altoona nursing home facilities. Whichever the case, you’ll have the best recovery experience. 

Recovery can be a trying process, especially for seniors living in Altoona. However, at our senior rehab center, we’ll give you the best recovery plan and nurse you or your loved one back to life. You only have to contact us today! Contact Prairie Vista Village for the best senior living in Altoona IA
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Senior Rehab Altoona
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