Opioid Treatment Texas

Opioid Treatment Texas

Opioids are a large number of pain-relieving drugs that connect with the opioids receptors on the nerve cells in the brain and body. 

Opioids are chemically connected and are largely safe when used as prescribed by a doctor and used for a short period. 

Because kids produce elation and euphoria, as well as relieving pain,  they are usually taken differently from how it is prescribed, taken in larger dosage, without a doctor's prescription, or generally misused. Opioids abuse can lead to incidents, addiction, and even death.

Online Opioid Addiction Treatment

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the US responded by making it easy to get treated for addictions.

In March 2020, the Trump administration suspended a federal law that made it compulsory that a patient must have an interpersonal visit to a doctor before they can be prescribed drugs that can help them with addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Such discussions can now be held in a video conference or a phone call with a doctor.

At Recovery Couch,  we have affordable, unbeaten, convenient, online opioid dependence treatment at your pace and on your schedule.

We have a distinctive online Opioid treatment that has helped many people out f their addiction and to get the treatment they need.

We stringently follow the HIPAA regulations and exclusive confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed.

Our foremost and unique treatment has helped so many people out of addiction because we make the welfare of our client's a priority.

How We Help Our Patients To Get The Treatment They Need.


At My Recovery Couch, we are very discreet and this is what most people going through addiction need. Some of our patients confirmed that they found it hard to go for treatment in the past because of the shame and stigmatization that come from such an action because most doctors and caregivers have lost their professional ethics. But at My Recovery Couch, our patients' confidentiality is very important to us. We keep strictly to our promise of privacy for each patient. 


Unlike most opioids rehabilitation centers in Texas and around the States, our treatment at My Recovery Couch is affordable, and also,  it is a Pay As You Go service. You will pay for every single session separately, you will pay for prescribed medications separately.


At My Recovery Couch, we are extremely attentive to all our patients' needs. Our bedside manner even though electronics has been said to be superlative and second to none by our various patients. 

Prompt Communication and Reassurance

Our patients have testified to our prompt response to every question asked. We give ample time to each of our patients and give an unbiased assessment of every one of their concerns. Our providers give professional, informative, and helpful responses to patients and calm their worries as well as give an attentive listening ear.

Decide on your recovery into your hands. Speak with our online addiction coach, learn how our treatment works and take a decision.

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Opioid Treatment Texas