Boston Treatment Center Boston Ma

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Boston Treatment Center Boston Ma

Baystate Recovery Center is a leading Boston treatment center in Boston, MA, and we offer the best outpatient rehab and IOP for patients battling with addiction. Here is why we have the best Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment center:

1. High success rate

When searching for the top Massachusetts rehabs, look for facilities with the highest success rates and the lowest relapse rates. As a leading rehab for alcohol and drug addiction in MA, we have the lowest percentage of patients relapsing after treatment. Similarly, over 99% of our patients complete their treatment course with us successfully with the lowest dropout rates.

2. Evidence-based therapies

It is critical to join a drug and alcohol rehab that offers advanced behavioral therapies and evidence-based psychotherapies. At our rehab center in Massachusetts, we provide behavioral therapies like dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills education, relapse prevention workshop, individual case management, and counseling sessions. These evidence-based modalities help patients process and cope with their past trauma, repressed emotions, and unresolved anger and equip them with essential coping mechanisms to overcome triggers and cravings. Besides, our behavioral therapies improve the mental wellness and emotional stability of recovering addicts and prepare them for a successful and gratifying life.

3. Customized 1-on-1 therapies

Look for facilities that offer customized addiction treatments and therapies on a 1-on-1 basis. Some rehabs can follow a cookie-cutter approach and get away by providing you the lowest level of addiction treatment and care. At our rehab center, we create customized treatment plans for each patient based on their substance of abuse, the severity of the addiction, and the presence of co-occurring mental health issues.

4. Focus on underlying mental health issues

When seeking professional help for addiction, be sure to join a rehab center focusing on identifying and treating the cause of your substance abuse disorder. Treating addiction without addressing the underlying mental health issues can lead to relapse within 6 – 12 months after rehab. As one of the best Massachusetts detox and drug rehab centers, we conduct a comprehensive clinical assessment on each patient during intake and develop a customized treatment plan. We use this personalized treatment plan to address and treat the underlying and co-occurring mental health issues and addiction and equip patients with critical skills to lead a drug-free/alcohol-free life.

5. Dedicated and experienced staff

Be sure to join a facility with the best team of clinicians, therapists, treatment specialists to attain sustainable sobriety. We are one of the top rehab facilities in Massachusetts with a highly qualified and experienced team of clinical and non-clinical experts. Our team of physicians, RNs, behavioral therapists, and mental health professionals play a pivotal role in our patients' healing and recovery process.

Your search for the best drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers near me ends here. Contact (855) 88-SOBER to speak to our addiction specialist. Baystate Recovery Center is a top Boston treatment center in Boston, MA, with the best sober living home, family interventions, and training programs.

Boston Treatment Center Boston Ma
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