Located in Gifford, New Hampshire, Bahder Behavioral Services specializes in providing compassionate care to adults struggling with opioid dependency, alcohol addiction and benzodiazepine dependency. We also treat patients dealing with mental disorders such as major depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, which are often coupled with addiction issues.

Treating people dealing with both an addiction issue and a mental disorder – a so-called “dual diagnosis” – is a focus of our practice as well.

As the first physician in central New Hampshire to become certified to prescribe Suboxone, Dr. Bahder has been at the forefront of treating opioid addiction in New Hampshire since 2005 when opioid dependency began to reach epidemic levels in the United States. With estimates showing that as many as one in 10 adults are now grappling with this disease, Dr. Bahder continues to focus on providing caring, effective treatment to adults in New Hampshire struggling with opioid addiction.

Working hand-in-hand with a staff of experienced licensed social workers, Dr. Bahder personally oversees the treatment plan of each patient, which is always customized to a person’s individual needs.